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Tennessee State Rep. Mark Lovell abruptly resigns

Feb. 16, 2017: Tennessee State Rep. Mark Lovell resigned suddenly on Tuesday, Feb. 14, 2017. The Tennessean reports that the freshman Republican's resignation came one day after the newspaper began asking questions about the existence of an investigation into allegations Lovell engaged in “inappropriate touching” with a woman last week, the week of Feb. 5-11, 2017. Lovell denies any wrongdoing. Alleged inappropriate sexual contact by a lawmaker also rocked the Tennessee State Legislature in 2016, when an Attorney General report eventually found that Rep. Jeremy Durham, now out of office, had inappropriate contact with at least twenty-two women. According to The Tennessean, House Speaker Beth Harwell on Tuesday, Feb. 14, 2017, said any investigation into an outgoing member would end with that lawmaker’s departure. House Democrats, meanwhile, are pushing for an investigation to continue.

Attribution: The Tennessean, The Nashville Business Journal

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