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GE Healthcare acquires Monica Healthcare

March 20, 2017: General Electric Healthcare officials plan to acquire Monica Healthcare, a twenty-employee company based in the United Kingdom. The price of the acquisition was not disclosed. The 12-year-old Monica Healthcare makes a fetal monitor that is used by midwives, labor and delivery nurses. To date, 1,000 sites across Europe, Asia and North America are using the monitor on 100,000 patients just in the last year alone. The company makes a wireless patch that can help hospitals monitor maternal heart rate, fetal heart rate and uterine activity, communicating that information to a fetal monitor. Since 2015, GE Healthcare has been Monica’s exclusive North American distribution partner for the Novii Wireless Patch System. Tammy Noll, the General Manager of GE Healthcare’s Maternal-Infant Care division, said that the company is "committed to improving the health care experience across care areas, including childbirth,” in a release.

Attribution: The Boston Business Journal

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