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Timothy Gadson withdraws from consideration as Birmingham City Schools Superintendent

April 19, 2017: Timothy Gadson III, a finalist for the post of Superintendent of the Birmingham City Schools System, has withdrawn from consideration. Gadson, who was one of five finalists, withdrew from consideration citing the political climate surrounding the Superintendent selection process. Critics of the selection process have complained about the lack of local candidates in the list of finalists. Gadson is the Superintendent designee and the Executive Director of Curriculum and Schools at Robbinsdale Area Schools in Minnesota. The Birmingham Board of Education is looking to hire a successor to Kelley Castlin-Gacutan, who was fired in 2016 after one year on the job in a controversial decision. At that time, at least one Board Member suggested that the politics of the Board would be a deterrent to future Superintendent candidates.

Attribution: The Birmingham Business Journal,

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