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Gabrielle Gerbaud appointed Executive Director, Minnesota Trade Office

April 19, 2017: Gabrielle Gerbaud, who spent the past six years as an international sales and operations supervisor for Polaris Industries Inc., has been appointed as the Executive Director of the Minnesota Trade Office. Gerbaud succeeds Kathleen Motzenbecker, who accepted a position with the Medical Alley Association in 2016. Gerbaud is scheduled to help oversee the export of Minnesota's agricultural, mining and manufactured goods, which exceed $19 billion in annual sales. Before her employment at Medina-based Polaris, where she worked with company's Central American and South American distributors, Gerbaud was the general secretary and business development manager for Thomson Prometric's testing firms in Spain and England, and was the international relations manager for E.N. Mercasa, a food policy division of Spain's Ministry of Agriculture. A native of Spain, Gerbaud earned bachelor’s degrees in economics and international relations from Boston University.

Attribution: The Minnesota-St. Paul Business Journal

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