Stuart Bowen forced out as Inspector General, Texas Health and Human Services Commission

May 15, 2017: Stuart Bowen has been forced out of his position as the Inspector General of the Texas Health and Human Services Commission after he moonlighted as a consultant for the Iraqi government. Bowen was asked to resign, said John Wittman, a Spokesman for Texas Gov. Greg Abbott. Bowen’s ouster occurred after Texas Monthly discovered his consulting work. "This was a serious and unacceptable lapse in judgment by Mr. Bowen," Wittman said on Thursday, May 11, 2017. Documents show that Bowen was introduced to Trump administration officials in recent months as a senior adviser to a Washington law firm representing the Iraq government. Bowen was previously a Special Inspector General for Iraq reconstruction for former Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama. But in 2015, Abbott appointed Bowen to bolster accountability and oversight to the state's $40 billion health agency, which at the time was reeling from a contracting scandal.

Attribution: The Associated Press

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