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Hawaii High Technology Development Corporation changes name to Hawaii Technology Development Corporation

July 17, 2017: The Hawaii High Technology Development Corporation (HTDC) has changed its name to the Hawaii Technology Development Corporation. The Governor’s Office made the announcement on Tuesday, July 11, 2017. Robbie Melton, the Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of HTDC, explains that the change is reflective of the current tech economy and scope of HTDC’s mission. “We were ahead of our time when we were established more than 30 years ago and we continue to lead the way in supporting the tech sector, building infrastructure, and helping Hawaii companies create 80,000 new tech jobs right here in our islands.” Coinciding with the name change, the Hawaii Technology Development Corporation has also launched a redesigned website: that showcases the programs, funding and services available to local entrepreneurs, tech and innovative businesses, and manufacturers. HTDC’s programs are focused on building the next generation technology, innovation and manufacturing industries. HTDC offers startups a variety of opportunities to ramp-up quickly through its facilities, funding and mentoring.

Attribution: Hawaii Governor's Office

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