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Carol Williams fired as Manchester, N.H., VA Medical Center Patient and Nursing Services Director

August 9, 2017: Carol Williams was fired as the Director of Patient and Nursing Services at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs’ (VA) troubled Manchester, N.H., VA Medical Center on Friday, August 4, 2017, by VA Secretary David Shulkin. Williams is the third manager at the facility who has been fired by Shulkin. Shulkin told reporters on August 4 that his department planned to invest $30 million in the hospital in order to improve care, although much of that money had already been earmarked for various projects. Shulkin said he was acting in response to a dozen whistle-blowers currently and formerly employed by the hospital, many of whom alleged substandard care in a Spotlight Team story in The Boston Globe on July 15, 2017. The whistle-blowers, who include the recently-retired Chief of Medicine and the former Chief of Surgery, alleged a variety of deficiencies ranging from flies in an operating room to spine patients permanently disabled as a result of neglect. Shulkin, a physician who is an appointee of President Trump, met privately with eight of the whistle-blowers for an hour on Friday, August 4, and he later told reporters that the problems they outlined were not particularly unusual for a hospital. “I wasn’t surprised by any of them,” he said. “What I was surprised about was why it was taking so long to resolve these and why weren’t the clinicians being listened to.” Williams was a target of criticism by the whistle-blowers. Her dismissal follows Shulkin’s removal of the hospital’s Director and Chief of Staff hours after the Globe article appeared in mid-July, 2017.

Attribution: The Boston Globe

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