Cybersecurity company FireEye expands Security Operations Center in Reston, Va.

April 11, 2019: Cybersecurity firm FireEye Inc. plans to increase its presence in Northern Virginia with the expansion of its Security Operations Center in Reston, Virginia. Milpitas, California-based FireEye also has an office in Alexandria, Va., which is also in Northern Virginia, and company officials plan to move into new space there. In Reston, its expanded facility at 11955 Freedom Drive is scheduled to have three-hundred employees and has room for future growth as the epicenter of operations for FireEye Managed Defense, where analysts monitor and engage cyber threats around-the-clock—twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. The Center first opened in Reston in 2011. FireEye plans to hire top security professionals for all positions in Reston, including in technology and engineering, and the Alexandria office is primarily the office of FireEye Mandiant consultants. The company typically contracts out its services to clients looking to protect themselves from malware, which is defined as computer programs with a criminal or disruptive intention. FireEye, which brought in $831 million in revenue last year, 2018, has more than 3,200 employees and 7,700 clients in 103 countries. The company received attention in 2018 when its Northern Virginia offices worked to tip off Facebook Inc. about an Iranian disinformation campaign dating back to 2011. Chris Porter, the Chief Intelligence Strategist at FireEye, told The Washington Business Journal in 2018 that having two offices in Northern Virginia is advantageous because of the abundance of resources from schools, government and other leading technology companies.

Attribution: The Washington Business Journal

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