Frank Scott elected Mayor of Little Rock, Ark.

Dec. 6, 2018: Frank Scott, Jr., was elected as the first black mayor of Little Rock, Ark., in a runoff election held on Tuesday, Dec. 4, 2018. Scott defeated opponent Baker Kurrus, receiving 58 percent of the votes cast on Dec. 4, 2018. Scott received 22,622 votes, or 58 percent of the votes cast, and Kurrus recorded 16,282, or 42 percent of the votes cast. Kurrus conceded the race Tuesday night, Dec. 4, at Rock Town Distillery. Scott won a plurality of votes in a five-man race in November, 2018, with 37 percent of the votes cast, a few percentage points shy of the 40 percent needed to win the office outright. Kurrus was the second place finisher, which allowed him to advance to the runoff election. Scott, 35, is a banking executive, a former Highway Commissioner, and a former Director of Intergovernmental Affairs. Scott is Little Rock's third black mayor, but he is the first person to be voted to Little Rock's highest office. His predecessors, Charles Bussey and Lottie Shackleford, were elected city Directors who were appointed to the position by fellow Board Members--and not by voters. In January, 2019, Scott is scheduled to succeed incumbent Mark Stodola, who held the position of Mayor for three terms that started in 2007. Little Rock is Arkansas’ state capital.

Attribution: KARK

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