Hue Nguyen appointed Chief of Staff, Policy and Legislative Affairs, Minnesota Governor's Office

Jan. 11, 2019: Hue Nguyen was appointed as the Chief of Staff for Policy and Legislative Affairs at the Minnesota Governor’s Office by Gov. Tim Walz on Tuesday, Jan. 8, 2019. Nguyen has more than sixteen years of experience at the Minnesota State Capitol. Before he joined the Walz administration, Nguyen worked as a state government Assistant Commissioner overseeing state and federal affairs, and as a Senior Policy Adviser for former Gov. Mark Dayton, covering PreK-12 Education, Higher Education and State and Local Government. Nguyen also worked for the League of Minnesota Cities as an Intergovernmental Relations Representative, and she worked for the Minnesota State Senate for more than five years as a Committee Administrator for the Senate Committee on Taxes and as a Senior Leadership Adviser for the Senate Majority Leader.

Attribution: Governor's Office

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